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What Guests Say

Quantum BIO Hacking Session – In Person in Bali

“Beatrix Winter provides a smooth ride, I felt safe and prepared for the journey. it was deep and explorative. I was able to explore past patterns and conditionings, severing them free. I experienced connection to my ancestors and was able to heal family cycles. I also felt in union with my past and patched up my wounding and loops. And, I saw forward, enabling work towards becoming future-proof. Beatrix was able to provide these wonders and revelations through her profound healing sessions with me. It’s astounding, grounding and empowering.”

Thomas Green / Male - South African born living in Bali

“In my opinion, Healy is a game changer when it comes to healing. Because everything is energy your thoughts, your feelings, your organs, your systems. Everything has a particular vibration and the Healy helps to alleviate symptoms, treats the cause and helps you to physically, mentally and emotionally function at your optimum. Thanks so much Beatrix for your introduction to this amazing bioenergetic device.”

Raluca Dragos / Female - Romania

“As a trained Chinese Medicine healer and solo mother I was fascinated about how resonant the diagnosis from the Healy Diagnosis App was. Beatrix kind free treatments were the difference of me getting through a few days in Covid. I use my Healy on myself and 6 year old every other day. I can’t imagine not having a Resonance to support our holistic health now”.

Nicola Jean Smith / Female - Australia

Beatrix is an amazing lady and a great spiritual mentor. The retreat activities planned really helped me connect to the spiritual side & opened me up to parts of myself I badly needed to get in touch with and work on. There is such ease, advice and support with Beatrix – I would not hesitate to go on retreat with her again.

Sam Harris / Australia

I had the absolute pleasure to attend an Ananya Retreat in Ubud, Bali where Beatrix hosted and shared her amazing skills with us all. This was a life changing experience and I definitely walked away a different women with many new friends.

Kelly Ladner / Female - Australia